Trying to have a better life !

Many of us, around this world are facing struggles.
Trying our best to have a better life , but it ain’t easy. It’s easily said, than done. We’re too busy trying to fix our problems that , we don’t realize were going in circles to the same spot. Instead of actually trying to have a better life. Without having to be living in poverty or in a low class life. Believe it or not our governors can care less about the lower class nowadays. Most of us, stay living with our parents after high school. Just to keep ourselves happy and have less responsibilities. It’s nice to just live with our parents to, play video games, pay nothing, and just let them do everything for us right ? No, think again ! Nothings free in this planet. Eventually your parents will get tired of seeing your faces in their house if not make you pay bills to help around the house.
Or probably it’s vise versa. Instead you’re the one paying the bills going to school and doing chores around the house. Having to deal with pressure on your shoulder 24/7. But in reality your just doing it. Due to the fact your freedom is near. Just counting down the days and going with the flow, so you start sucking it up and just go with the flow.


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