No Mercy

What’s the point of explaining your problems over and over again. If no one’s helping you get out of a trap hole. All they can say is be strong you’ll eventually get out and be free. Or say something like just don’t blame everything off of a specific person. It’s not that the persons blaming their struggles because of the other persons actions. It’s simply just stating what this persons making you go through. But people don’t tend to understand you sometimes. Just because you’re a teenager they use the excuse of. Oh your in the age where you think you know it all, that you want to do whatever you want. It’s not that , it’s just the fact of getting away from something that hurts you and doesn’t bring happiness but darkness.
If only you didn’t have to wait such a long period of time to get out of darkness. Why can’t you get out now ? Why wait longer? Why doesn’t anyone understand ? It’s just no mercy. Just look up and smile and deal with it, since theirs no way of getting out until that period of time you’re waiting for comes. Since there’s no chance of getting out sooner.


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