Does love have an age ?

“El Amor no tiene edad” is a Spanish saying “There’s no age in love”. I’ve noticed how in the 21st century there’s a fetish for dating people older than you. Most older people date people younger to feel young. While the young, date older people for maturity and experience. But sometimes you have to be careful. A person with more experience can easily take advantage of you in a blink of an eye. Once someone told me to be judicious with decisions in life. Ask yourself if you really need this right now. In addition, a lot of trust issues develop . Since the fact the persons with more experience and has explored different things and people. You start questioning yourself a lot. Questioning if the person really loves you or not. Does he have other females in mind ? Maybe he does love you and is loyal. But you never know.
Can you trust them in situations where they have to make a decision ? Hoping they’ll make the right decision. For example, he’s out with the guys : They’re drinking hanging out but then this female comes along teasing him to dance. In your mind your hoping he rejects the girl and states the fact he’s taken. Or he might accept the dance instead. Knowing he has girlfriend already. So does love have an age range so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or feel insecurity.


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