Live your Life.

Have you thought about living your life without bills in mind. If you have already: Why don’t you go ahead and do it? Is it because of insecurities and fear. Fear of falling down hill, just for taking a moment to breathe and enjoy that fresh air. If you want to live with freedom don’t live with fear of doing mistakes.” I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”-Thomas Edison. What’s a journey to success without mistakes? Those who make mistakes are more willing to succeed than those who haven’t made mistakes. Due to the fact they know what has to be done to go to the top. Compared to those that are doing things to perfection struggle more to make it to the top. The only difference between a successful person and a non-successful person is what they do on their spare time.


Does love have an age ?

“El Amor no tiene edad” is a Spanish saying “There’s no age in love”. I’ve noticed how in the 21st century there’s a fetish for dating people older than you. Most older people date people younger to feel young. While the young, date older people for maturity and experience. But sometimes you have to be careful. A person with more experience can easily take advantage of you in a blink of an eye. Once someone told me to be judicious with decisions in life. Ask yourself if you really need this right now. In addition, a lot of trust issues develop . Since the fact the persons with more experience and has explored different things and people. You start questioning yourself a lot. Questioning if the person really loves you or not. Does he have other females in mind ? Maybe he does love you and is loyal. But you never know.
Can you trust them in situations where they have to make a decision ? Hoping they’ll make the right decision. For example, he’s out with the guys : They’re drinking hanging out but then this female comes along teasing him to dance. In your mind your hoping he rejects the girl and states the fact he’s taken. Or he might accept the dance instead. Knowing he has girlfriend already. So does love have an age range so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or feel insecurity.

No Mercy

What’s the point of explaining your problems over and over again. If no one’s helping you get out of a trap hole. All they can say is be strong you’ll eventually get out and be free. Or say something like just don’t blame everything off of a specific person. It’s not that the persons blaming their struggles because of the other persons actions. It’s simply just stating what this persons making you go through. But people don’t tend to understand you sometimes. Just because you’re a teenager they use the excuse of. Oh your in the age where you think you know it all, that you want to do whatever you want. It’s not that , it’s just the fact of getting away from something that hurts you and doesn’t bring happiness but darkness.
If only you didn’t have to wait such a long period of time to get out of darkness. Why can’t you get out now ? Why wait longer? Why doesn’t anyone understand ? It’s just no mercy. Just look up and smile and deal with it, since theirs no way of getting out until that period of time you’re waiting for comes. Since there’s no chance of getting out sooner.


Have you ever wanted something or someone so much ? All it takes is persistence and patience. And you let time do the rest for you. I know from experience if you want something you have to work hard for it. The things you want in life are not going to magically appear, you need to have determination. Just keep persisting until you get what you want. It’ll eventually pay off as time goes by. You’ll feel that you’re getting closer to your goal (or should I say closer to your light of happiness).

Does a college degree guarantee success?

Always the Assistant, Never the Boss

I was never a school person. Tests and papers gave me aniexty. I would hate to go to classes and sit all day to learn about things I would never need to use in real life.

I was programmed growing up that in order to get a good job and be successful you needed a college degree. I went to college and stuck it out for 4 years and got my degree. I didn’t do it for myself, I did it for my parents who were so proud to see me walk up to the podium and receive a piece of paper that they could frame and hang in the house.

After I graduated I applied for jobs and went on a lot of interviews. Out of all the interviews I went on do you know how many of those companies asked to see my degree? None of them cared…

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Trying to have a better life !

Many of us, around this world are facing struggles.
Trying our best to have a better life , but it ain’t easy. It’s easily said, than done. We’re too busy trying to fix our problems that , we don’t realize were going in circles to the same spot. Instead of actually trying to have a better life. Without having to be living in poverty or in a low class life. Believe it or not our governors can care less about the lower class nowadays. Most of us, stay living with our parents after high school. Just to keep ourselves happy and have less responsibilities. It’s nice to just live with our parents to, play video games, pay nothing, and just let them do everything for us right ? No, think again ! Nothings free in this planet. Eventually your parents will get tired of seeing your faces in their house if not make you pay bills to help around the house.
Or probably it’s vise versa. Instead you’re the one paying the bills going to school and doing chores around the house. Having to deal with pressure on your shoulder 24/7. But in reality your just doing it. Due to the fact your freedom is near. Just counting down the days and going with the flow, so you start sucking it up and just go with the flow.

Life Cycle to Success.

Being successful isn’t easy but sure is worth it. We start building these ideas of becoming successful in life; in school. Specially those in high school. Students/People start asking them selves. What’s it like in the out world (out of school) ? Am I ready ? What’s next ? Our mindset depends on 80% of what we learned in school, 10% on how we’re going to use them and the other 10% on managing to construct/build our lives.