Double Vision

On this planet, there’s always that person who cheats for personal reasons. Still isn’t right to go ahead and sleep behind your true loves back. If that person who your dating is considered as your true love. You wouldn’t really consider cheating. Yet, theirs reasons why cheating happens (now I’m not agreeing with those who cheat). For example, this guy is cheating because he’s in love with two different women. The first woman is the one he’s in a relationship with , for the reason that he likes her for her personality. Then the side chick is the one who pleases him in the sexual department. Instead of his main lady. Now, he doesn’t know who to choose between the two. So he decides to cheat on his main in order to keep them both. This happens a lot that you meet a certain person with qualities you like but the same time the other person has some other qualities you like as well. The solution would be to combine those qualities in one. Now don’t stay with both to just please yourself. Remember that at the end of the day your hurting someone’s feelings towards you, while you’re pleasing your needs. Don’t just have a double vision, instead have one.
If you can’t be loyal don’t be in a relationship at all.


Relationship Flaws’

All types of relationships have flaws. From friendships all the way to an actual love relationship. Theirs people who like to lie to their mate or friend. Don’t ever lie to your mate or your friend. Although it might be for a

    good cause. It’s better telling the truth (even though the truth sometimes hurts) than a lie. Also those who tend to back stab you. Don’t ever take advantage of someone’s trustworthiness, because you’ll never know when exactly you’ll need them to actually trust you in a certain situation. Then, theirs the ones who cheat. (I’ll talk about this on another day). However, theirs those who like to mention about their past. Which is a bad thing, when it comes to their ex’s. Don’t ever mention anything about your ex in a current relationship or tend to do something you did in a previous relationship with your new relationship. That’s just wrong in many ways. These are the most common Flaws found in Relationships. Don’t let your Flaws ruin a Relationship.

    Like a Lost Puppy.

    Do you ever feel like a lost puppy ? Not knowing where you’ll end up in life. The new things you’ll face and challenge. You never know what’s coming your way. There’s lots of places to explore on this planet. New languages, culture and traditions. Basically new everything, everywhere you go. Theirs always that moment in life you need to get out of your comfort zone. To learn and explore things.

    “Why Life is Hard ?”

    Why is life hard ? It’s not life, it’s the people. Those who don’t want you to succeed in life. They won’t let you elevate to a level above them. Jealousy among other people don’t take you no where. It just brings problems for yourself. I don’t see the reason why people get jealous when they see a person trying to become successful in life. What’s the point of stopping them, if your not letting yourself get there either. They don’t realize they can be successful as well, since their too busy wasting their time preventing someone else be successful.

    Living a Lie

    Everyone thinks you’re the happiest person. Since, you always have a smile on your face. You’re the one from the crowd who tries to make everyone else laugh but yourself. While you’re just suffering inside from so much pain. No one notices, because you don’t want nobody to know. Theirs going to be a point in your life. That you’re going to want to put a stop to all the suffering. But in reality you can’t get out of It on your own.  Look for help, and stop living a lie that everyone else believes.

    Problems with Love 💘

    Have you ever been confused 😖 emotionally? Love 💘 wise ! Well, it happens all around the world. Either if you’re male or female it can happen to you. Let’s say you meet this interesting guy/lady but can’t have anything more than just friendship. For just personal reasons. Such as because you’re already in a relationship or because you plan on moving out of state. No matter where you go you’ll eventually meet someone new and interesting . That provokes your side of loyalty (if in a relationship already). Most of the time relationships fade because of this. People nowadays need to learn, that if you really love someone. You wouldn’t have problems with love. Even if you meet a new person that’s great and has more things  in common with you than your  own companion. Just remember listen to your heart ♥.

    Now, if your just moving out of state or something. Just stay in touch with the person and stay as friends. Yeah, it might be what you didn’t have in mind: But it’s better than nothing and better than leaving without staying in touch with someone you might not meet again. Try to have as much fun with the person before you leave. Who knows when y’all meet again. Maybe the next time y’all meet will be the right time for you and him/her. Maybe you can expect what you expected a while back with the person.
    Problems with love 💘 will always come and go no matter where you are.

    First Week Of Highschool

    How was your first week of highschool?Well,its a little something like this. Beep!Beep!Beep! (🔔 Alarm clock goes on),
    Ugh this alarm is annoying with its beeping sound. It’s so loud that you can hear it a mile away. I grab my phone and I look at the date. It was August 24 ,2015;you know what that means ?Its the first day of another school year. So, I get ready and head to school. I was a little worried cause it wasn’t like every other year. This one was different because I’m starting off highschool as”fresh meat “or freshman as you normally would say. This is were directors that direct movies about highschool experiences come into mind. Were supposedly freshmen’s usually get picked on or bullied by the upperclassmen  referred as seniors or juniors.
    I was worried because of what I’d see in those movies,but then I just relaxed myself and everything went well. Well kind of, as I approached my new school. I was a bit lost but I asked for help and got myself together. It was the first day ; so it was mostly listening to teachers orientate themselves to the students as well as students to teachers and to their fellow peers for each class.
    Moving on, for the rest of the week I took time to learn my schedule. Also, adapting myself to the different ways that each of my professors taught. Not just that I made some interesting friends. I have friends from both class upper and lower but mostly lower. Doesn’t matter as long as I got some friends to chill with I’m okay . So far I like where my freshmen year is headed.
    Written by: ReginaTheLeo🐯